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In 2008, Dr. Pavan Aravind Kumar established Sai Gayatri Homeo, a homeopathy clinic in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. Dr. Pavan Aravind Kumar is a qualified homeopath belonging to a family of homeopaths.
For the past 12 years, Sai Gayatri Homeopathic Clinic has treated many patients suffering from acute as well as chronic health conditions with great success. Sai Gayatri homeopathic clinic is committed to offer comprehensive treatment for total recovery. We address the root cause of the health condition as suggested by the principles of classical as well as modern homeopathy. Our treatment works on the mental as well as the physical condition of the patient for the best results. Hence, we are the best homeopathy clinic in Kukutpally, Hyderabad.

We provide effective treatments for

Special Services during the Corona Pandemic

We online consultation for acute and chronic cases

Online consultation through Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype and WhatsApp Video Call

Prior appointment is essential for chronic cases

Each appointment takes 30 – 45 minutes

We are available 24x7 for acute cases

We courier medicines to the patient on request

We prescribe German and French medicines

We provide Immunity Kits to our all patients

We sanitize our clinic twice a day

Only patients with masks are permitted inside the clinic

We also treat Corona positive patients with our homeopathy medicines

Our Homeopath – Dr. Pavan Kumar

Dr. Pavan Aravind Kumar has acquired his degree of Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. He is registered with the AYUSH department since 2007 as a homeopathic practitioner. Dr Kumar is a member of the Central Council of Homeopathic Association (CCH) in India.

Across his practice spanning 14 years, he has treated hundreds of chronic patients with great success. His patients belong to all age groups and sections of society. His expertise spans a wide range of conditions including

  • Asthma and allergies
  • Cold and flu
  • Skin problems
  • Hair fall issues
  • Infertility issues of both male and female
  • Digestive disorders
  • Gynaecological issues, and many more

Dr. Pavan is an extremely committed doctor and compassionate towards his patients. He strives to offer the best possible homeopathic treatment for the total recovery of his patient’s health.

Dr. Pavan Kumar


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Frequently Asked Questions

1Can homeopathy cure old and recurring diseases?
Yes, homeopathy can cure old and recurring diseases because it addresses the root of the disease rather than treating the mere symptoms of the disease. There have been many successful case studies of patients recovering from asthma, cold, depression and even skin diseases in a span of a few months.
2How does Dr. Pawan treat his patients?
Like any other homeopathy, Dr. Pawan takes an extensive consultation of the patient for the first time. The patient will discuss his or her personal history, likes and dislikes and medical condition in great detail. This appointment can last for 30 – 45 minutes. Dr. Pawan will suggest medicines for the medical issue and guide the patient on how to take them.
Patient follow-ups can happen once in a month or once in a fortnight depending upon the medical condition and improvement in the patient.
3Which medical conditions have been treated at Sai Gayatri with great success?
We treat acute as well as chronic cases of a wide range of medical conditions including anxiety, depression, cold and flu, asthma and allergies, hair fall, infertility, skin issues, gynecological disorders and so on. Our homeopath is a very experienced doctor with more than 12 years of real-time practice.
4Why do many people rely on homeopathic treatment?
Homeopathy treats patients from within while working on physically visible symptoms as well. A good homeopath will be able to treat the root cause of the disease without significant side effects. Though homeopathic treatment takes time, it works in a very holistic manner to help the patient feel healthier and positive.
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