Is there a Homeopathic Treatment for Insomnia at Hyderabad?

Do you wonder if there is an effective homeopathy medicine to cure insomnia? Yes, there is. Read the article to find more.

Dr. Pavan Kumar Created on 28th Dec, 20

At our homeopathy clinic in Kukatpally, we get many patients from all over Hyderabad complaining about Insomnia.

So, are you suffering from disturbed sleep or insomnia? Are you experiencing irritation throughout the day because of restless sleep? Do you want to spend your day with a fresh mind and enjoy a peaceful sleep at night? 

If yes, then homeopathy is the right treatment for dealing with sleeplessness. Now, you may be wondering how homeopathy can assist in beating your insomnia, get answers to all your questions by reading this blog.

Sleeplessness, also known as insomnia, is when the person is unable to fall asleep or gets poor sleep. Sleeplessness also includes:

  • Poor sleep quality
  • Restless sleep
  • Waking up several times during sleep
  • Feeling tired after waking up

Sleeplessness is of 3 varieties that are transient, acute and chronic. Several factors are responsible for insomnia. 

Some of the causes of sleeplessness include:

  • Emotional disturbance
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Consumption of stimulants like alcohol and coffee
  • Grief
  • Medical reasons like rheumatoid arthritis, heart diseases, thyroid problems, and breathing disorders

For all types of sleeplessness, homeopathy is a safe treatment option for people living in Hyderabad. It treats the root cause of the disease, induces natural sleep, and improves the quality of your sleep. Also, after you get treated, you do not have to depend on it for life.

You need to know that homeopathy is a science-based treatment that focuses on individuals and not on particular drugs. So, you can gain benefits from homeopathic medicines for treating sleeplessness. It will depend on your case history and individual requirements. This is why your detailed case history is crucial in homeopathy.

Following are the commonly used homeopathic remedies for sleeplessness:

Kali Phosphoricum

If you are suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia because of stress and business load, excitement, worry, overwork and mental exertion Kali phosphoricum can treat it. Extreme weakness is also another critical symptom that Kali phos can treat for you. Sleeplessness, particularly during the latter half of the night, is treatable using Kali phosphoricum.

Coffea Cruda

Another effective homeopathic treatment for insomnia is Coffea Cruda. If you experience restless sleep, a rush of ideas, mental activity, and wake up every night at the slightest hint of sound Coffea Cruda is the best option. 

This remedy is especially useful when your sleep is disturbed by your dreams. Also, when you happen to sleep till 3 am after that, you only have short instances of sleep. You do not get proper rest and happen to wake up every other second; Coffea Cruda is a very effective treatment in such cases.

Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica is a very effective homeopathic treatment when you are suffering from poor quality sleep. When you happen to go to bed early in the evening and wake up at about 3–4 am. After that, you fall into a dreamy sleep during daybreak. It becomes tough to wake you from this sleep in the morning. For such conditions, your homeopathic specialist will suggest Nux Vomica.

You can also improve short sleep using this treatment. It is also a good and effective homeopathic medicine for sleeplessness caused due to stress and tensions of daily life. Also, this medicine is particularly useful if you are a person who drinks a lot of tea and coffee.

Passiflora Incarnata

When your sleep is wakeful and restless, then Passiflora Incarnata is the best treatment. This homeopathic remedy has a quieting effect on your nervous system. Passiflora Incarnata is also helpful when sleeplessness turns worse because of mental excitement and worries, after meals, and at night. Besides this, you can treat insomnia caused because of nervousness and morphine habits.

Remember, you must take all the remedies mentioned above under the proper guidance of a homeopathy doctor in Kukatpally in Hyderabad. So, homeopathy is the best treatment for sleeplessness. You can count on it without a second thought whenever you happen to suffer from insomnia.