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Can Homeopathy Treat Anxiety?

If you were asked to rate your happiness quotient on a scale of 1-10 what rating will you give? Can Homeopathy Treat Anxiety?

Is there anyone who will give a rating of 10?

Is there anyone who claims that they do not fear anything?

A cyclone is predicted today!

Reading this did you have an anxiety spike?

Don’t worry! There is no cyclone predicted. This was just to explain that experiencing anxiety is natural. There is no individual that has never experienced anxiety! Yes, but the source of anxiety differs. Some fear cockroaches, some fear heights, some fear darkness, etc. No anxiety is small or big. For you, other’s anxiety would appear small but for them, it is big and vice versa.

Talking about anxiety, since past one year the most common emotion experienced by one is anxiety and sadness! Every morning reading the headlines on newspapers that say “… covid cases increased” and watching news channels with only one news everywhere, ” Covid cases…Government has imposed lockdown”, isn’t it saddening and fearful? So many people have lost their jobs, the economy has gone down.. aren’t all these events very saddening and depressing?

All this has led to an increase in depression and suicidal cases. This has made mental health an important topic. The emphasis on mental health is increasing these days due to an increase in the level of stress and anxiety!

Anxiety and stress are something that we all have to live with. It a permanent page of our book of life. It can’t be torn off, but the page of anxiety can be erased and can be replaced with happiness.

Anxiety is a part of everyone’s life. But when it becomes our life, immediate attention is needed. A psychologist can help in such cases. But other than a psychologist, homeopathy treatment can also be beneficial.

And the best part is as homeopathy is a natural treatment, it doesn’t have side effects. Yes, it is a treatment option where there is gain without pain! But to see effective results, you need to be patient! It takes time for the results to show. But after all, it was the slow tortoise who defeated the fast hair!

So, though slow the results of homeopathic treatment are amazing! But it is advisable to make homeopathy a complementary treatment option and not completely rely on it. The homeopathic treatment acts as icing on the cake for treating anxiety issues. It is icing and not the cake!

What are the homeopathic treatment options available in 2023?

Your homeopathy doctor will suggest the following medicines depending on the type of anxiety you have.

  • Aconite: A negative news or event might sometimes trigger a sudden anxiety attack. To manage these sudden anxiety and panic attacks, your homeopathy doctor will prescribe aconite medicine.
  • Argentum nitricum: For some people, height is the biggest fright! Reaching heights is everyone’s dream but heights are even fear for some! People who have the fear of height are prescribed Argentum nitricum medicine by their homeopathic doctor.
  • Arsenicum album: Human beings are social animals. We all need people to talk to. We fear being lonely. But for some this fear of loneliness is very severe. In such cases, Arsenicum album is prescribed by your homeopathic doctor.
  • Ignatia: The loss of your loved one is terrible! But for some, it is more than terrible. It is their biggest anxiety. Ignatia medicine is prescribed to such people who suffer anxiety due to any type of loss or grief. These people experience a lot of mood swings.
  • Stramonium: Have you seen someone who sleeps with their room lights on? Many have a fear of darkness. Darkness makes their life filled with darkness called fear and anxiety. For some a blindfold game that we played in our childhood is fun but for some it is scary. Yes, darkness is their biggest fear! Stramonium medicine is advisable for such people.


Anxiety is a part of life but for some, it becomes their life. It prevents them from living a normal and happy life. It makes an alive man dead. But with proper treatment, it is possible to manage anxiety. It is not only important to stay alive but also lively. Proper anxiety treatment is necessary to make alive lively.

Along with the medicines prescribed by your psychologist, homeopathy treatment can also help in managing anxiety. It can help you erase the page of anxiety and fill the page with happiness. Anxiety and stress are negative emotions. Not only there is anxiety inside the mind of an anxious person but there is also anxiety outside. Yes, for an anxious person, the whole world seems terrible and scary. It makes it difficult for him to enjoy life.

But with the help of homeopathic treatment, he can manage his anxiety and live a normal and enjoyable life. Homeopathic treatment replaces anxiety in the mind with happiness and thus makes our dark life once again bright. It vanishes the clouds of darkness and brings a ray of sunshine into one’s life.

But it is advisable to make homeopathy treatment a complementary treatment and not consider it as a sole treatment. I hope you like reading on Can Homeopathy Treat Anxiety?

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