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Best Homeopathic Treatment for Asthma in Children in 2023

Asthma is a potentially severe and life-threatening condition. Infants and children having asthma must get medical attention. Conventional drugs that treat asthma, specifically steroids, can impair immune function and cause more severe health issues. Although some breathing exercise can help asthma, a child requires homeopathic treatment to get a long-lasting cure for asthma. Check Best Homeopathic Treatment for Asthma in Children in 2023.

Best Homeopathic remedies to reduce Asthma attacks in 2023

The following remedies can help to decrease the distress that an acute asthma attack creates:


This is useful at the starting stages of the onset of asthmatic breathing. You may notice your child has symptoms like anxiety, fear, and restlessness with asthma.

Antimonium tart

The characteristic symptom of children that require antimonial tart is a cough that’s rattling with an incapability to spit out mucus. The condition occurs after being annoyed or angered. Your child begins to feel tired, feeble, and weak, and their symptoms become worse at 4 a.m. The difficulty in breathing may make them sit up rather than lie down.

Along with such breathing difficulties, there is anxiousness, irritability, and restlessness. Your child may get chilled but do not like stuffy warm rooms and want cold rooms and open windows. This remedy is less commonly provided at the starting of an illness.


If your child has anxiety and restlessness along with asthma, this remedy may benefit them. As asthma continues, children get more agitated and frightened. The symptoms in your child may become worse from midnight to 2 a.m. They will also toss and turn in bed, not being able to be in a comfortable position.

Their breathing becomes well when they sit erect. Due to restlessness, your child may be weak and tired. They may say they are thirsty, but they end up drinking only sips of water.


This remedy is suitable for your child if their asthma comes after a tantrum. Children who require this treatment become impatient in their suffering. They have a hard, dry cough while sleeping. Their breathing difficulty gets relaxed when they bend their head backward, in cold air, or drink cold water.


Consistent nausea with a cough that’s loose and a rattling in the chest but an inability to spit out are symptoms of children who require this remedy. Your child may get wheezing and tenacious mucus that becomes blood-streaked.

Also, your child may get relief after vomiting as it can help to eliminate some mucus. Their symptom becomes worse in hot and humid weather. They may find difficulty in sleeping, and there can also be too much saliva formation.


This remedy cures asthmatic breathing accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Your child may have prickling sensations everywhere, even on the toes and fingers. These symptoms flare up before asthma.

Also, such type of asthma may aggravate with exposure to cold. Your child may feel weak in the pit of the stomach. Also, have a sensation of a lump above the chest bone.

Nux vomica

This remedy works well for treating asthma when children feel full in the stomach, particularly in the morning or after eating. Your child may require this remedy if they have asthma with choking, quick pulse, pressure in the pit of the belly, anxiety, humming in the ears, and sweating.

Their attack is incited with hay fever. Also, they may feel they need to loosen clothing around their waist.


Your child may require this remedy if they get asthmatic breathing in warm or stuffy rooms, in warm weather, or after consuming fat-rich foods. Also, your child may want the windows to be opened. They may get breathing difficulties in the evening, particularly after a meal.

Children with this asthma want sympathy and want people around them. They are needy and clingy. Also, if you become anxious, your child may get more nervous. However, if you become confident in your child’s ability to get healthy soon, the child will be soothed.


Your child may require this remedy if they get their asthma attack in sleep, usually awakening them at 3 a.m. Their breathing becomes obstructed when they lie down and partially relieved when they sit up and gasp for air.

Furthermore, their breathing becomes better when they sit up but gets aggravated when they lie down to sleep, only to rise again, gasping for air. Your child may sweat when they are awake but do not sweat in sleep.

Before using any of these homeopathic treatments for asthma, consult a homeopathic specialist. Usually, these remedies are given along with the regular asthma medications of your child. I hope you like reading on Best Homeopathic Treatment for Asthma in Children in 2023.

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