Dr Pavan Aravind Kumar

Dr. Pavan Aravind Kumar is the best homeopathy doctor in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. He is highly experienced and well known for rendering quick and accurate treatment for a wide range of ailments and diseases.


Born in a family of illustrious homeopathy practitioners, Dr. Pavan Kumar always wanted to follow in their footsteps and serve the people with his selfless service.

He did his Bachelor of Homoeopathy Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) from the renowned Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.


After his graduation, he gained vast experience in dealing with cases of both acute and chronic illnesses.  


Since 2007, Dr. Pavan is a registered Homeopathic Practitioner of AYUSH Department. Further, he also is a member of the Central Council of Homeopathic Association (CCH) in India.


Dr. Pavan Aravind Kumar set up his private practice in 2008 and has garnered the reputation of being the best homeopathy doctor in Kukatpally, Hyderabad for his extensive experience in managing advanced cases of chronic and acute diseases.


By nature, Dr. Pavan Kumar is warm, compassionate and always ready to help his patients at any hour. He is a good listener and can communicate with his patient with ease.


In the videos below, Dr. Pavan Aravind Kumar discusses ways to cope with various acute and chronic diseases. 

In this video, Dr. Pavan Kumar discusses about paralysis treatment. Here, he talks in detail about the different causes of paralysis.



In this Video, Dr. Pavan Kumar talks about different types of paralysis, its symptoms, and the chances of recovery.




His Specialization:

Dr. Pavan Aravind Kumar, a top homeopathy doctor in Hyderabad, is an expert in dealing with acute and chronic illnesses. Over the years he has treated hundreds of patients of all age groups successfully.

He provides effective, safe and quality treatment for ailments such as

  • Asthma
  • Skin conditions
  • Infertility
  • Hair fall
  • Allergies
  • Emotional and psychological problems
  • Back and joint pain
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Children’s condition and infection
  • Blood pressure
  • Women’s health
  • Pregnancy problems
  • Sleeping conditions
  • Cold and cough, and many more.

According to Dr. Pavan, homeopathy treats not just the disease but the root cause of the disease. So, when you treat the cause, the disease itself gets cured.


About Sai Gayatri Homeo Clinic & Pharmacy

  • Dr. Pavan Humar founded Sai Gayatri Homeo Clinic & Pharmacy in 2008.
  • Sai Gayatri Homeo Clinic maintains the highest level of treatment protocol and ethical standards.
  • Our clinic is sought after by patients for its proven track record of treating hundreds of patients with chronic diseases successfully.
  • Over time, we have earned the reputation of being the best homeopathy clinic in Kukatpally, Hyderabad for our skill in managing severely complicated cases.
  • According to data, Dr. Pavan Kumar is the first choice for people who search for the ‘best homeopathy doctor near me’ in Hyderabad.
  • At Sai Gayatri Homeo Clinic, we strive hard to increase our efficiency, quality care and patient’s satisfaction.
  • Also, we follow stringent standards when it comes to hygiene and patient care.


Consultation process at the clinic


Sai Gayatri Homeo Clinic offers physical as well as online consultations for all ailments except in cases of emergencies where the doctor prefers one to one consultation. However, Dr. Pavan Kumar is available 24/7 for a virtual consultation. 


Each consultation with the doctor lasts for around 30 to 45 minutes. Dr. Pavan Aravind Kumar follows a very classical approach and prefers having detailed information about his patients which include their personal history, family history, habits, hobbies, details of present ailment, and so on.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.If I undergo online consultation, how will I get the medicines?

We provide all the medications in-house at our pharmacy. If it is not possible for you to collect it personally, then we also deliver the medicines through courier. 


2. Can homeopathy treat osteoarthritis?

Homeopathy has proved to be very successful in treating and managing osteoarthritis. Dr. Pavan Kumar offers holistic treatment to the patient and aims to reduce their pain, optimize function and reduce disability.


3. Do you provide medicines for Diabetes?

Yes, we provide effective medicines to control diabetes.


4. Do you need to stop other medications when you start with homeopathy treatment?

That is not necessary. The medications can be tapered gradually with the consultation of your doctor if there is an improvement. Sometimes, other medications cannot be discontinued, so you can continue with both the medication. Get a consultation before taking any step.