Homeopathy treatment for skin in Hyderabad

Are you suffering from skin problems like rashes, vitiligo, or melasma?

Is your skin prone to pimples or other skin problems?

If yes, visit the Sai Gayatri Homeopathy clinic in Kukatpally for a permanent solution and say goodbye to your skin problems.

Our expert homeopathy doctor in kukapally, Dr. Pavan Aravind Kumar, is a specialist in treating various skin disorders through homeopathy medicines.

Homeopathic treatment for skin problems controls the condition and provides long-term-term relief by treating the problem from the root so that you can get a permanent solution.

Homeopathic treatment is effective, reliable, with no side effects..

Why choose Sai Gayatri Homeo Clinic?

  • Founded in 2008, we have effectively treated more than 10000 patients suffering from skin problems.
  • Dr. Pavan Kumar has 13 years of experience in treating diseases with homeopathic treatment.
  • We prescribe the latest and most effective medicines which treat the problem from the root cause.
  • We have an in-house homeopathy pharmacy stocking 5000+ medications, which are made in Germany and France.
  • We provide consultation for 30 to 45 minutes to understand the patient’s in-depth history and condition, which helps us to prescribe the most effective medicine.


What are the Symptoms of skin problems?

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Swelling
  • Rashes
  • Bumps
  • Oozing (discharge)
  • Blister (cavity)


Why do skin diseases happen?
  • If there is a bacteria present in the pores of the skin
  • If Fungus and virus present in the skin
  • If you have a weak immune system
  • If there is a hereditary factor
  • If the skin is not resistant to dust or pollution.
  • Intake of Unhealthy diet
  • Low water intake


Here are Some Homeopathic treatments for the different skin problems

  • Psoriasis Treatment: Psoriasis is a deadly disease caused by over activeness of the immune system, which develops patchiness, itching, and scales on the body. Homeopathic treatment believes in a comprehensive and natural approach, followed by emotional factors and factors worsening the symptom before prescribing the remedy.
  • Vitiligo treatment: It is a skin problem where white patches are developed on the skin in the different parts of the body. In homeopathy, there are natural remedies to treat vitiligo, which is safe and effective, works on the root cause of disease, and repairs it.
  • Acne treatment: These are swollen round red shape bumps that are filled with pus and impurities. It occurs when the oil gland gets blocked. Homeopathy provides a safe and natural to treat this acne.
  • Melasma treatment: These are the brown patches that get formed onto the skin because of the hormonal changes during pregnancy. Therefore, homeopathy treats this disease from the root followed by the consumption of proper oral medicines.
  • Acne scar treatment: A scar is a permanent mark that remains on the body, and the acne scar hampers the individual’s beauty especially women. Modern medicine has minimal available options to cure acne, but in homeopathy, there are different homeopathic remedies to treat scars of acne.
  • Eczema Treatment: it is also known as dermatitis; it is a problem where patients face patches of red, dry, and flaky skin. Homeopathic treatment of eczema controls the situation and prevents the progression of the disease.
  • Wart treatment: It is the extra growth of a solid bubble that is seen on the body. Homeopathy treatment works on improving immunity and provides successful results.
  • Lichen planus treatment: It is a purple-pink spot; it is an itchy bump on the skin. It irritates the nail, skin, and hair, and mucus membrane as well. The homeopathic treatment for this disease depends upon the symptoms of the individual’s affected area, genetic tendency, and mindset.

We provide homeopathy medicines for the above-mentioned and many more skin problems in Hyderabad.

Some of the common homeopathy medicines available are:

  • Topi heal cream
  • B&T anti-dandruff oil
  • Amica shampoo
  • Calcarea sulphurica
  • Graphite pentarkan
  • Silicea


Advantages of homeopathic skin treatment

  • It is one of the most popular treatments for psoriasis and other skin problem.
  • In deadly diseases also homeopathy significantly proves the quality of life.
  • For skin allergies, homeopathy is one of the most effective treatments.
  • Homeopathy treats a wide range of diseases like skin cancer, localized skin, etc.
  • The most important advantage of taking homeopathy treatment is, it depicts and the root cause of the disease and then treats it.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does one have to take medicine for a long time?

It depends upon the nature of the disease you are getting treated for. Some of the courses complete within three months, and sometimes it takes 12 months.


2. Does homeopathy medicine take a long time to act?

It is a myth created by people that it works slowly, but their action is quick, and the results are for a long time.


3. Do homeopathic medicines have steroids?

There is no scope for steroids as all the medicines are scientifically refined and made from medicinal properties from the source substance.


4. Is it safe to take homeopathy medicines at the time of pregnancy?

Yes, because there are no side effects, and there is no harm in taking homeopathy medicines.

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