Homeopathy treatment for female infertility in Hyderabad

Every couple going through infertility problems struggle to conceive. They undergo many tests in a search for effective treatment, but few are successful. 


If you are looking for safe, painless, and affordable female infertility treatment, then Homeopathy is the best choice. Many couples are turning towards homeopathy and enjoying their journey of parenthood. 


Visit us at Sai Gayatri Homoeopathy Clinic in Kukatpally and consult Dr. Pavan Arvind Kumar. He is an expert homeopathy doctor in Kukatpally who provides female infertility treatment.


Why choose us?

  • Dr. Pavan Arvind Kumar founded the Sai Gayatri Homoeopathy Clinic in 2008. Over the years, we have treated many female infertility cases with great success. Hence, patients recognize us as the homeopathy clinic in Kukatpally.
  • Dr. Pavan Arvind Kumar is one of the top Homeopathy doctors in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. He has 14+years of experience in treating acute and chronic ailments.
  • Due to his experience in treating female infertility, patients recognize Dr. Pavan as the best infertility doctor in Kukatpally. He selects the most appropriate medicine based on your condition. Besides, he provides the best homeopathic medicine to increase the chance of ovulation in women.
  • At our Pharmacy, we have a wide range of medicines made in Germany and France. These medicines are useful for treating various acute and chronic diseases. We also deliver medications to our patients' addresses if they cannot reach us.
  • We prescribe the most effective homeopathic treatment for infertility in females. Again, to boost immunity, we also provide Immunity Kits to our patients.
  • We provide online consultation also along with 24x7 services for emergency cases.


What is Female Infertility?

Let us start with an overview of female infertility. When a woman is incapable of conceiving after a long try of twelve months with frequent intercourse, she has female infertility. Women who are over the age of thirty years are more prone to develop this issue. Many a reason can be there behind this female infertility. There are different treatments available in homeopathy to treat female infertility. 


So, what are the causes of female infertility?

The causes of female infertility are as follows-

  • Age- If the period of women is over 35 to 40 years, it can develop infertility.
  • Ovulation includes irregular or paused menstrual cycles because of a smaller number of eggs or no eggs.
  • Abnormality in the uterine- It includes any malfunctioning that may lead to a miscarriage.
  • Problematic fallopian tube- It means any damage in the fallopian line due to specific diseases or infections.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome- It includes abnormal development of your ovum due to a specific hormonal disorder. It makes your menstrual cycle unnatural and leads to infertility.
  • Obesity or overweight- It includes a high BMI of your body and reduces the possibility of your pregnancy.
  • Smoking and Alcohol- Smoking and alcohol adversely affect your fertility.
  • Medication- It can be a side effect of certain medications as well.


In all of these situations, homeopathy works in a very effective manner.


How homeopathy helps in treating infertility issues in the female?

  • Homeopathy for infertility is effective in treating various reproductive conditions in women.
  • Homeopathy restores a healthy reproductive system and also overcomes your emotional problems. It facilitates the process of ovulation and supports healthy egg formation.
  • It also helps you avoid alcohol, smoking, and reduce drug use as it causes serious infertility issues in women.
  • Homeopathy treats female infertility not as a disorder but as an irregularity. It can give you a cure for infertility as it acts on the root cause. It also stimulates your body's capability to heal by own self.
  • Homeopathic medicine for infertility improves your body's ability to conceive. Homeopaths will prescribe you superior constitutional therapies based on your genetic makeup.


The only thing you need here is your patience. Now let us see how much time it takes to treat female infertility in homeopathy.


Duration of homeopathy for female infertility treatment

The smallest duration of homeopathic infertility treatment for women is three to four months. Here we will provide constitutional medicines and recommend essential supplements to treat your infertility. Now, let us discuss the remedies available in homeopathy for female infertility.


Homeopathy remedies for female infertility

  • Borax and Natrum Phos- helpful for vaginal acid discharges.
  • Calcarea Carb and Aletris Farinosa- Works very well in abnormal menstruation.
  • Pulsatilla and Sepia- Effectively treats short and scanty periods.
  • Agnus Castus- Increases sexual desire.
  • Natrum Carb- Treats very well in sterility from non-retention of sperm and irritating vaginal discharge.


So, if you face any problems in conceiving, you must consult Dr. Pavan Arvind Kumar at the Sai Gayatri Homeopathy Clinic. Our doctor will examine you thoroughly and then give the best treatment for your infertility issues.


Frequently asked questions:

How many days does homeopathic medicine take to show effects?


Within 7 to 10 days, you can see the effects after taking medicine. Its results will be visible over time by continuing treatment.


How is obesity related to female infertility? 


Obesity or overweight is one of the leading causes of infertility in women. Women who are obese are more prone to miscarriage. In most of the cases, they suffer from Polycystic ovarian syndrome. As a result, they develop infertility.


What should one avoid during homeopathy treatment?


Your homeopath will suggest avoiding foods with intense aromatics like coffee and peppermint. As you are taking your homeopathic medicine, the two do not interfere with each other.

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