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Write for us- Submit Health Homeopathy niche Guest post is open to submissions of blog posts, articles or book reviews, as well as research and correspondence related to health, homeopathy and alternative wellness treatments in 2023. The goal of our community is to serve as a forum to facilitate learning and professional development as well as interaction between members of the homeopathic and for people in general.

These guidelines are intended as a means of assisting your writing by providing the general guidelines to submit your work for publication. Please, do not hesitate to email us if you have questions or concerns about an article you are thinking about writing. We’re happy to talk about ideas for your article with interested writers. receives thousands of visitors every year . Our readers aren’t just professional homeopaths , but students, lay homeopaths nurses, coaches, therapy practitioners, patients and others seeking information on health issues. Our readers come from across the globe who have a wide range of experience in practicing as well as access to educational opportunities in homeopathy. We strive to offer readers with a culture of reading that is as diverse.

All research papers, articles and other writings are reviewed by our editors prior to publication. Articles can be returned to be revised, if necessary.

As a member, you are able to post your blog and take part in discussions with other members without prior review. We do however advise to keep the following general guidelines in mind when you are participating in these discussions. If your blog isn’t adequate the blog could be removed from the website without notice.

The benefits of being published on

If your case or article are published by Your work will get the global exposure is due to it. With thousands of visitors around the globe, your work will transcend the boundaries of geography.

From the youngest students to the most famous who’s who Everybody gets to see your work. It is possible to include the work you’ve published on your resume or curriculum or curriculum vitae.

Paper journals are often removed from circulation and the articles written in them are not accessible for certain period of time. offers a searchable article index, and the articles once published, remain available to anyone looking for pertinent information.

The subjects to write about are:

Homeopathy in general, case studies, education on how homeopathy works for laymen, innovative findings and approaches, Organon and philosophy (general, and approach of specific stalwarts), repertory (general and details/approach to various repertories), homeopathic pharmacy, Materia Medica, research (theoretical/clinical) related to homeopathy, alternative medicine, health, well-being, diet, meditation, nutrition and fitness, vaccination, book-reviews of homeopathic and alternative medicine books etc.

General guidelines for all articles/cases/research material:

  1. We accept only English materials. The submissions must be of good quality and written in English.
  2. There isn’t a maximum word limit for articles or instances, the minimum count should be 600+ words
  3. To submit articles – send your articles as an attachment to
  4. Make sure to use appropriate sources,acknowledgment and credits when required for periodicals, books as well as teachers and computer software. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Authors must include references to their work in the same style.
  5. The author must own the copyright to all images that are shared. The images must only be made available with JPEG or PNG format only.
  6. Don’t submit your article simultaneously to different publications.
  7. While strives to review your submission the most efficient time, there is no set timeframe within the time this process will take place. We’ll try to complete this quickly and will notify you when this has been published.

Submit your work to us at

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